The Gold Standard of Marketing

Guest: Lesa and Gregory Daniel

Gregory Daniel Portraits
Titusville, Florida

DATE: March 10, 2022

Today’s guests are beacons of hope, light, encouragement and class in the photography industry.

Lesa and Gregory Daniel, who own and operate Gregory Daniel Portraits, have been perfecting the art of marketing since long before the days of social media, and they know what it takes to build a successful brand for their luxury portrait studio. 

The first step is deciding who you are.

Gregory Daniel Portraits started off as a volume business, but when they took a hard look at the numbers, they realized they needed to shift directions in order to build the business they really wanted. This they accomplished by mentally “erasing the board” starting over with a fresh mindset and uncovering who they really were, who they wanted to serve, and how to make it meaningful.

In today’s podcast, we discuss the importance of picking a lane and staying true to it, strategies for bringing in well qualified new clients, Instagram tips for attracting the right clients, and so much more.

Grab a notebook and pen, this episode is jam packed with pure gold. 

Here’s a glance at this episode…

  • [01:01] Introducing today’s guests, and what you can expect to learn from this episode!
  • [03:41] One of the keys to a successful marketing strategy.
  • [05:05] Why so many photographers enter the industry without a sustainable business model. 
  • [06:05] How Gregory Daniel Portraits has evolved over time.
  • [08:40] Where Lesa and Gregory learned how to run a Gold Standard business.
  • [12:00] The moment when Gregory and Lesa made the decision to increase their portrait prices (and subsequently remove themselves from the wedding photography industry).
  • [13:57] Gregory explains his ‘erase the board’ concept. 
  • [18:25] The process Lesa and Gregory went through to transform their business into what it is today.
  • [22:52] Why the way you present yourself as a photographer is so important. 
  • [25:32] How Gregory and Lesa approached the marketing of their business when they first began creating luxury portraits, and how this has evolved over the years. 
  • [26:51] Greg & Lesa’s Do’s and Don’ts for Instagram marketing.
  • [32:44] The value of keeping your offerings consistent. 
  • [34:10] How your brand should make your clients FEEL.  
  • [38:38] What our best clients have in common with one another. 
  • [39:50] One of Lesa and Gregory’s most effective strategies for finding new clients RIGHT NOW. 
  • [45:30] Lesa and I role play some examples of initial conversations with potential new clients. 
  • [51:43] Final words of encouragement and advice from Gregory and Lesa.

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Books we discussed:

Difference by Bernadette Jiwa

The Five Second Rule by Mel Robbins

Storybrand by Donald Miller