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Guest: Drake Busath

Master Photographer | Busath Photography
Salt Lake City, Utah

DATE: March 3, 2022

A common misconception among photographers is that there’s no market for brick and mortar studios in today’s world of portrait photography. And yet Busath Photography, located in Salt Lake City, is going on 50 years and 3 generations in their bustling downtown studio. 

Today’s guest, Drake Busath, has truly experienced the evolution of photography through the years and managed to stay relevant by leaning into what makes Busath Photography unique. Although studio contemporaries have come and gone, they have built a strong, successful business by developing a classic style, staying consistent, and clarifying their message to clients. 

In our discussion we get into what drives Drake to do the work he does (it’s not the money!), some of the things he loves most about being a photographer, and how he takes control of the shoot. Drake is an inspiration of mine, and I’m sure after this episode he’ll be one of your photography role models too! 

Here’s a glance at this episode…

  • [01:01] An overview of the legacy that is Busath Photography, which is run by today’s guest, Drake Busath.
  • [03:32] The imminent anniversary that Busath Photography is going to be celebrating.
  • [06:04] Categories that Busath Photography focuses on.
  • [07:51] Characteristics that Drake believes have contributed to the long lasting success of his business.
  • [09:35] Drake describes the setting of the ‘studio and gardens’ where he and his team make magic happen.
  • [14:06] Examples of how Drake tells meaningful stories through his photographs. 
  • [18:51] Similarities and differences between the way Drake and I direct our shoots.
  • [24:49] Approaches that Drake uses to engage the minds of the people he is photographing.
  • [28:55] How Drake’s son, Richard, expertly manages three-generation shoots.
  • [31:02] Drake shares one of the things that he loves most about his work. 
  • [32:03] Tactics that I use with kids who don’t want to be photographed when they first come in. 
  • [37:43] The timelessness of a photograph that tells a story. 
  • [39:27] Drake’s drive to create unique pieces of art. 
  • [43:28] How Drake has kept Busath Photography relevant after so many years in business. 
  • [46:06] What we think is the ideal studio size. 
  • [48:20] An exciting new project that Drake began working on this year. 
  • [53:05] How the photography industry differs from most others. 
  • [53:55] Elements of Busath Photography that Drake is very proud of. 
  • [55:16] The award that Busath Photography has won for the past 12 years, and what made this year extra special. 
  • [57:16] Inspiration that I draw from Drake and his work. 
  • [1:00:54] Hear about Drake’s additional venture; Italy Workshops. 

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